The workshops

Our media training worksops are highly interactive, allow for a lot of practice and, importantly, are informed by research. Using research-informed materials and activities helps ensure players, managers and/or sports executives get exposure to the types of questions they will actually encounter in their media interview contexts. Our more general sports communication workshops are also informed by research, tackle specific communication issues in your context and provide a platform for deep reflection on the link between your communication skills and your high performance sporting goals. We can deliver sessions one-to-one, for small or targeted groups, for teams or for whole squads.

How confident are you speaking in English to the media?

Reactive Sports Media aims to help both native and non-native speakers of English. Are you a Japanese rugby player playing rugby in New Zealand, or a professional golfer or tennis player on the world circuit needing to speak English to the media? Kieran File, director of Reactive Sports Media, has over 10 years experience helping non-native English speakers learn English for specific purposes. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

Example programmes and workshops we run

We use research to design and run media education and general sports communication programmes and workshops for your particular needs. Some of the programmes/workshops we’ve run include:

  • Media training workshops for academy level players to ensure they get practice using language to look after themselves in media interactions.

  • Tailored media training workshops for athletes and coaches of varying levels of experience aimed at helping develop more awareness and better strategies for speaking in the media.

  • Workshops for players on how to take opportunities in the media to develop personal and team brands.

  • Workshops to help captains and more experienced players perform their media duties.

  • Workshops on using language more effectively in your team talks (pre-match huddles, half time huddles and post-match team talks).

  • Workshops on coach-player communication.

  • Training programmes to help leaders develop effective communication strategies for doing leadership in their team environments (i.e. giving clear directions, developing good working relationships and managing the emotional tenor of the team).

  • Workshops and training programmes for non-native speakers of English (managers and players) to help them use English more effectively in media interviews.


Got another communication issue?

We are interested in other issues athletes, teams, managers and sporting bodies are experiencing in the media and in other areas where communication is important for sport. Currently we are developing a research-informed Twitter training module for athletes. Get in touch to discuss your context and how we might be able to help.