The Personal Brand Audit



Want to build your personal brand on social media?

Let our data analysis tools help you with the challenge of identifying your personal brand and developing a communications strategy for authentically promoting yourself on social media.

At Reactive Sports Media, we help professional athletes with the challenge of building and communicating an authentic personal brand on social media. The personal brand audit is our most popular product.


How does it work?

After purchasing our Personal Brand Audit, we will set to work analysing your online profile on Twitter and/or Instagram by…

Step 1
We start by taking stock of your profile online. Using our own communication audit technology, we explore patterns in your authentic social media posting behaviour, identify the content that engages your audience, locate posts that might threaten your personal brand and relationships with sponsors and fans, and more. We also collect details about you and your goals — whether you want to satisfy sponsors, build a profile or work towards a career after sport.

Step 2
After we have conducted our analyses, we use the insights to help you develop a social media communications strategy that helps you maintain an authentic personal brand while also shaping it towards your goals. Step 2 is carried out via video conference at a time convenient for you.

Don’t leave your personal brand to guess work. Our tools have already helped hundreds of professional athletes. Get in touch and find out how we can help you consolidate and communicate your personal brand on social media.


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