Coverage of my research in Hitting the Seam, the Official Magazine of the ECB Coaches Association
“Sports linguistics expert Dr Kieran File’s research into empowering players through language is changing how the coach-player relationship is viewed. He spoke to us about strategies for coaches who are looking to evolve their dressing room dynamic.”

My services written up in the IRUPA (now RPI) member’s magazine

“Dealing with the media is part of everyday for a professional rugby player, however like everything in professional sport, training and preparation is a huge part of ensuring success and the same principle applies when being interviewed.”

Practical resource: five common questions interviewers ask in post-match interviews

“While post-match media interview questions may come in many different forms, they do tend to probe recurring themes and topics. Below is a list of five common question tasks professional athletes can expect to encounter in interviews after a match. I’ve also provided a few tips that might help guide your preparation in the minutes before being interviewed.”