Don’t let a social media disatser blindside you

Protect and promote yourself or your team on social media with our suite of social media communication workshops. Select an established workshop or build your own with our thirty-minute units designed to tackle a range of social media issues for professional athletes. 

Where’s the line in social media posts?

This workshop will help young emerging professional players develop a sense of their responsibilities when posting on social media. We consider the values of the club they represent and then explore how these values can be promoted or potentially threatened by particular behaviour on social media. Through a series of analysis tasks, many of which draw on the players’ own posting behaviour, workshop attendees will develop an understanding of potential issues and important boundaries when posting on social media sites. 

Protect and promote your brand on social media

An extensive workshop designed to help players protect their own or their club’s brand from the reputational damage and engage their audiences so as to build a captive audience. In this workshop, players will develop principles and practical strategies for using social media, so they can (1) maintain their status as a role model in the public eye, (2) protect themselves and their families from online abuse and (3) engage with their fanbase, community and their followers. Players able to achieve these three goals when using social media are more likely to successfully and safely navigate the scrutiny and pitfalls associated with being a public figure on social media.