Get comfortable with speaking to the sports media and take control

Speaking to the media can be an uncomfortable experience for manager, coaches and athletes. Our workshops help sports professionals develop awareness of how the sports media operate and strategies for dealing with everything they can throw at you. Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or doing your first interview, our practical workshops will help you develop a skillset to take control of your image. 

Media basics for emerging professionals

In this workshop, new professional athletes will build confidence in their ability to conduct media interviews, by developing a range of strategies for positive self-presentation in the media. We will explore and practice media interview strategies through three common media interview formats that emerging players can expect to encounter: the post-match interview, the one-to-one print media interview and the press conference. Drawing on research into journalistic and sports media interviewing practices, players will gain detailed knowledge of the types of questions they can expect to encounter and gain practice at answering these questions. This workshop is interactive and hands on and players will learn through doing. There will also be opportunities for players to reflect on the strategies they employed during practice tasks and raise any issues they encountered along the way, so they are well prepared for future media encounters. 

Advanced media workshops

Got a senior group that need to refresh their media skills? Want players to take on more of a leadership role in the media? We design and run workshops that give experienced senior players and opportunity to (1) refresh, enhance and practice their media skills and (2) consider their own future media goals when representing their club and/or their country in the media. 

Media strategy sessions for coaches or leadership groups

These popular workshops aim to provide an opportunity for a team’s leadership group or the coaching and backroom staff to (1) come together and work out the messages they want to get across to the public and (2) to practice getting these messages across in a range of authentic interview scenarios. These sessions are ideally run at the beginning of a season, campaign or at a watershed moment when greater thought needs to go into the team’s media strategy. 

Book us for your rookie camp

We also provide tailored sessions to fit slots on rookie camps or induction days for young professionals. Book us for a media workshop or a social media workshop and we will desing a session that is engaging, informative for youg players and that meets any time constraints you have for the day. Whether it’s a punchy twenty-minute session on media interviews or a forty-five minute introduction to social media scrutiny, we can help.